Each Wednesday is Theme Day!

Why Session Themes? Session themes are designed to add a little individuality and excitement to each session. The themes will mainly be used on our special theme challenge days, which are Wednesdays. For each theme day, we encourage staff and campers to dress up!


Session 1
June 11-21 
Arrrr! Me name is Captain Bulldozer and I hear there be buried treasure on that there island. Well, I'll be gettin' me some jewels and gold coins as long as me and me crew make it there before them island campers. Word is there's treasure all over the island. Now, where's me map?


Session 2
June 24-28 Angel Island has been taken over by Super Villains! Can our super powered campers take it back? Using their alter egos and powers, our caper crusaders will have to win back the island and bring these super villains to justice.


Session 3
July 1-3 
This three day camp is all about you and what you want to do! Campers choose their own adventures. Each day we let the campers choose which activities to attend in a this or that style! We'll visit parts of the island we've never explored, hike the trails to the top of Mt. Livermore, bike around the entire island, have giant scavenger hunts, play hide and seek in the haunted hospital and do so much more!


Session 4
July 8-12 
Come one, come all, see the magnificent AI Campers tame a lion, defy gravity, and swing from the trapeze. This week is focused around the silliness of circus and carnival games. We'll learn to juggle, walk a tight rope, and have clown shoe relay races! Don't forget to bring your big red nose!


Session 5
July 15-19 
Once upon a time, a big, tall island appeared in the middle of the bay. It was beautiful and shiny, and people from all over the world came to see this Gem of the Bay. Legend has it that deep underground this island holds all of the answers to the mysteries of life. We'll play fantastical games, create larger than life stories, and try to find the answers that the island may be holding.


Session 6
July 22-26 
Christmas in July? Easter eggs hidden on an island? That's crazy talk! We might as well be looking for a leprechaun and a pot of gold. Hmmmm...maybe I'll just follow this rainbow for a bit. We'll dress up for our favorite holiday and play fun games with presents, candy canes and even snowballs.


Session 7
July 29-August 2 
Are you ready for a blast from the past? Imagine what it would be like if you could travel back in time! How far would you go? 10 years? 50 years? 1000 years? If you had the chance to dress up as someone from the past, who would you be? This week we'll play old favorite games that your parents played, grandparents played, and your great great great grandparents played.


Session 8
August 5-9
 Pack your bags, grab your passport, and learn a new language, because this week we'll be traveling to the ends of the earth to find our best dressed camper! We'll play games from all over the world, decipher new languages, and make some exciting crafts from places you've never heard of.


Session 9
August 12-16 
We'll take the activities that the campers and staff loved the most over the summer and create a week of guaranteed fun, laughter and excitement. There’s no better way to end the summer season of Angel Island Day Camp than with a week of the activities that were voted "the best” by our campers and staff. We will also have our final talent show this week!