Each Wednesday is Theme Day!

Why Session Themes? Session themes are designed to add a little individuality and excitement to each session. The themes will mainly be used on our special theme challenge days, which are Wednesdays. For each theme day, we encourage staff and campers to dress up!


Session 1
June 12-16 
Arrrr! Me name is Captain Bulldozer and I hear there be buried treasure on that there island. Well, I'll be gettin' me some jewels and gold coins as long as me and me crew make it there before them island campers. Word is there's treasure all over the island. Now, where's me map?


Session 2
June 19-23 It's a jungle out there! During this week we'll take a trip to the unexplored jungle, a place where humans are not on the top of the food chain. We'll bring our best explorers to seach for dinosaur bones, extinct animals, complete puzzles, and play games that may get us lost in the jungle. Don't worry, we know Tarzan!


Session 3
June 26-June 30 
You don't have to wear a mask or a cape to be a superhero. On theme day every camper will have the opportunity to test out their super powers and alter egos. Angel Island Man may make an appearance as well. During this super week not only will campers have fun, but they will also learn character-building traits that all superheroes need!


Session 4
July 3-7 
Good ole' fashion American fun is what this week is about. Picnic games, treasure hunts, exploration and adventure = great memories.


Session 5
July 10-14 
As the newest recruits for Spy Training, campers will learn the art of stealth and undercover operations. Recruits will learn to decipher and break codes and find the camp mole. Every secret agent needs to be clever.


Session 6
July 17-21 
During this week’s theme day every game and activity will have a water element to it. Yes, campers will get wet. What better place to have a Wet and Wild week than on an island.


Session 7
July 24-28 
Christmas in July? Easter eggs hidden on an island? That's crazy talk! We might as well be looking for a leprechaun and a pot of gold. Hmmmm...maybe I'll just follow this rainbow for a bit.  


Session 8
July 31-August 4
 Giddy up buckaroos and remember- if you  climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride! During this daring week you'll pan handle for gold, lasso some grub, and enjoy Rattlesnake Tag. We'll also create wanted posters, read a treasure map for the Gold Rush, and so much more!


Session 9
August 7-11 
We'll take the activities that the campers and staff loved the most over the summer and create a week of guaranteed fun, laughter and excitement. There’s no better way to end the summer season of Angel Island Day Camp than with a week of the activities that were voted "the best” by our campers and staff.