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Ages: Entering grades 2-7 
Location: Dairy Knoll
                 600 Neds Way
                 Tiburon, CA 94920
Fees: $460 + $60 if taking the supervised ferry from SF Ferry Building 
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Dates: August 5-9, 2019       #3312.406
Optional Ferry Service
We utilize Blue & Gold Fleet to provide the optional round-trip ferry service between San Francisco and Tiburon. Ferry service is an additional $60 per week of camp and can be added during checkout. Campers will be supervised by camp staff beginning at check-in through debarking in Tiburon. Parents do not need to accompany their child on the ferry! A camp van will shuttle campers and staff from the Tiburon Ferry to camp.
San Francisco Ferry Check-In begins at 8:00am at the Ferry Building just north of Mission St. and Embarcadero. Parents may walk campers in to meet camp staff or may drop off campers from their vehicle at the nearby White Curb Loading Zone in front of the restaurant MarketBar on Embarcadero.
Ferry Pick-Up is from the same location around 5:35pm (pickup time is dependent on ferry speed).
Camp Cancellations will be processed less a $50 cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS will be given for cancellations made within the 4 weeks to the start date of your camp session. No refunds will be issued due to illness. Camp Transfers must be made at least 1 week prior to you camp session’s start date and will incur a $15 transfer fee.
WELCOME INITIATES You are about to take your first step toward becoming a Padawan Learner and understanding the Force. These are troubled times and we need you. Learn the ways of the Jedi and fulfill your destiny during this week of Jedi Training.


THE CODE Every Jedi is familiar with the Jedi Code. Learning it begins your training.
LIGHTSABERS Before we can start your training we will need to make training sabers. Initiates are required to create their own sabers because it is such a personal piece of equipment.
SABER TRAINING What good is a light saber if you don’t know how to use it? During this instructional workshop you’ll learn to attack and defend using your training saber.
EVASIVE MOVEMENT Movement is important, whether you’re defending yourself, being stealth or chasing down a bounty hunter. In this workshop you’ll learn how to move efficiently.
REASONING Jedi must be logical and use reasoning when they are investigating someone or while in battle. We’ll sharpen those skills by using mind-challenging games that focus on spatial reasoning and strategy.
THE FORCE Learning to use The Force is at the center of a Jedi's existence. Through games and activities, we'll hone your skills and teach you to use your skills to your advantage.


EXPLORATION Each day we will be exploring the customs, games, crafts and food of the different planets of the Star Wars Universe. From building Ewok catapults to making Hoth ice cream, each day holds a variety of unique activities.
HUNTS Occasionally Initiates will be given the task to retrieve items. Droids run away, weapons go missing, artifacts surface, and Sith lords hide their battle plans. We must find them!
POD RACING Initiates will work together to design, build and personalize their very own pod racers to be used later in the arena.
PADAWAN TESTING In order to become a Jedi you must first pass the Initiate Training. Don’t worry, we’ll help you through the trials to ensure you pass.
END OF TRAINING FEAST On Friday we will celebrate our graduates with an inter-galactic feast. We may even have some Yoda quesadillas and Clone pops. …MUCH MORE We cannot possibly cover all the wonderful and exciting activities that happen during a camper’s week at Padawans Camp. 
What should students bring to Star Wars Padawans Camp? Each day (except for Friday) everyone should bring a lunch. On Thursday we will be going offsite. On that day students should bring sunscreen and water as well as their lunch. Other than that everything they need will be at Padawans Camp.


Our goal with this camp is to bring the Star Wars series to life in an enjoyable and fun-loving way. We know that a good book can lead to a lifetime of reading. Often in our camps we will get campers who have only seen the movies. After camp they are eager to read the books because at camp they talked with another camper about how good the books are, or they participated in a camp activity that was created around something that happened in a book but not on the screen (even though we are fans of the movies as well). Having trouble registering? Contact the Camp Director, Kaitlin Hall at or the Camp Supervisor, Tina Morales at 
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