On the designated weeks of camp, the Sharks group will have the opportunity to camp on Angel Island with our staff (Other weeks of camp are designated for a field trip to WaterWorld or Six Flags). Campers will spend the day in the regular camp program on Thursday and proceed to the campsite after the last ferry has left the island for the day. They will rejoin camp the next day for kayaking and the BBQ. During the overnight, staff will supervise evening activities (i.e. hunts, games, hikes, etc.) and cook the meals. Campers are expected to help set-up tents, keep the campsites free of garbage and assist if needed. There will also be time to relax and socialize. Sharks attending camp the week of August 10 will experience a 2 night stay at Camp Reynolds QuarterMaster building on Wednesday and Thursday nights!


Campers and staff will stay at campsites overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, or Bay Bridge. The camp sites are accessible from the perimeter road and fairly sheltered from the elements. Bathrooms and water are available near the campsite.


On Thursday, please pack a large lunch with extra snacks. We will provide Thursday dinner and Friday breakfast and lunch. If your child has specific dietary requirements or allergies, please notify the camp staff (we may ask that you pack extra food for your child in this case).


Please notify us, if your child will need to take medication on the overnight. We have specific procedures for dispensing medication at camp. Please note: We are not authorized to dispense over-the-counter medication. All medication needs to be prescribed by a doctor.


Please leave ipods, gaming systems, cell phones and other technology at home. These items distract from the overnight experience and tend to get lost or broken at camp. We have an overnight cell phone that we can use in the event of an emergency or if your child is experiencing any anxiety and needs to hear your voice.


Review the packing list and tips for packing a backpack below. Your child will be responsible for carrying their own personal gear to the campsite, so it is wise to pack lightly and bring only the necessities. It is not necessary to pack a tent, as we will provide tents for all of the campers.
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Toiletries 
  • Comfortable shoes for hiking 
  • Long sleeve shirt 
  • Long pants 
  • Flashlight 
  • Water bottle 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Warm coat/fleece 
  • Warm hat & gloves (optional) 
  • Towel & swimsuit for kayaking on Friday
  • Medication in the original container (If needed)


  • As a general rule, the weight of your loaded pack shouldn't exceed 25% to 30% of your ideal body weight.
  • It's best to minimize the number of items you strap to the outside of your pack. Gear carried externally may adversely affect your balance.
  • Be sure to secure any equipment you do carry outside so it doesn't swing or rattle.
  • Keep often-used items where you can easily get to them, i.e. sunscreen, chapstick, a sweater/long sleeve shirt in case it gets cold.
  • Stuff your sleeping bag into the bottom of your pack's main compartment first.
  • Squeeze in any additional lightweight items you won't need until bedtime.
  • Always put your heaviest items close to your back, centered between your shoulder blades.
  • Tighten all straps to limit any load-shifting while hiking.