Each week has a theme, however, there are certain activities that have become the Angel Island traditions that campers love.

FRIDAY BBQ No need for campers to bring a lunch (although they should always bring a snack) on Fridays. We’ll bring over everything we need for an old fashioned barbeque. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, chips, fruit, dessert and punch are always on the menu. For our vegetarians we offer veggie burgers as long as we know ahead of time.

KAYAKING IN AYALA COVE Friday is a big day. Kayaks are brought over by Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking Center in Sausalito along with one of their wonderful instructors. Our kayaking program is safe as all campers are given instructions and guidelines before getting into a kayak, must wear a life jacket, must stay within a safe distance from the beach, and are monitored by the Sea Trek instructor and camp staff at all times. Our younger campers are paired up with an older camper or counselor as well. By the end of their activity time campers don’t want to stop kayaking. It’s a great introduction to this wonderful sport.

FISHING Campers love this activity. Once a week campers bring their cheese or hot dogs to use as bait. Our camp staff walk them down to the docks. Using what we call Huck Finn fishing poles, campers drop their lines in the water and relax, basking in the sun, waiting for that tug. The campers fish with their age groups and all fish are released back into the water. Campers may bring their own fishing pole.


Kayaking, fishing and ferry rides are not the only activities that are popular at Angel Island Day Camp. Here is a list of other activities that campers will enjoy during their week(s) at camp, depending on the theme.
  • Capture the Flag Dodgeball 
  • Treasure Hunts 
  • Scavenger Hunts 
  • Camp Skits Camp 
  • Songs 
  • Beach Time 
  • Sand Castles 
  • Arts and Crafts 
  • Teambuilding 
  • Nature Walks 
  • Bead Awards 
  • Field Trips (for our Sharks campers) 
  • Sports Color Wars